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New Wellness Clubs

Wellness Club

Wellness Club

The goal of the new wellness clubs is simple-to help each new member to make better diet and lifestyle choices that lead them towards achieving their personal wellness goals. Now, although weight loss may come into it, they believe their approach is more is more focused on general wellbeing than say your typical weight loss clubs.

Have you been following a fitness programme down at the gym and made limted progress? Have you been ignoring your diet? Skipping meals perhaps, eating too many carbs and eating something you shouldnt after your workout as you’re so tired?

Or you’ve been to a slimming club and all they do is weigh you? Such scales are not the only answer because they don’t take into account your body’s composition. This is what your body is made up of, how much fat you have relative to lean tissue. By figuring out your body fat percentage you can get a better look at how your body is composed and how “healthy” you are.

At the wellness clubs every attendee is offered a comprehensive wellness questionnaire, professional body composition analysis and advice on simple changes they can make to improve their lifestyle.

First of all height and age is recorded then you stand on the scales. Now, this isn’t just any old set of scales. This is a Body Composition Monitor. This helps to calculate body composition by sending a low safe electrical signal through the body. The signal passes freely through fluids contained in lean tissue, such as muscle and blood, but meets resistance passing through fat tissue. The monitors accurately measure this resistance and use it to calculate elements of body composition.  You find out your body fat%, total body water %, visceral fat%, physique rating and finally your metaboloic agse which you can compare to your actual age!

You complete a questionnaire (don’t panic it’s only 14 questions) about your general diet and exercise to which you answer either Yes or No. You score points on your answers and these give you a Wellness Evaluation Score. The more honest you are in your answers will ensure that you are given the best possible advice and that advice will cover diet, exercise and simple rules that can have a dramatic impact on your overall health.

The Community Wellness Club meetings give their members the opportunity to receive regular guidance and inspiration from like minded people that have decided to make their health a priority. To meet the growing demand for support and information New Clubs are being launched all over the country.

So, how much does this cost? Its £39 for the 12 week programme. A further expansion will be “Wellness Clubs” in the workplace.

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