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Sprinting As A Strength Training Exercise

Herbalife24 Fit Instructor Samantha Clayton talks about the value of sprinting as a strength training exercise.

“Sprinting is like the weight training of running, so sprinting really builds your muscles up as opposed to breaking them down,” says Clayton.

While jogging is good for the heart, it breaks down muscle tissue. But sprinting not only burns massive calories in a short stint, the after burn continues long after you’ve finished. It also releases growth hormones, which help build the body up – like pumping iron.

“You could go for an hour run and get the same benefits from just sprinting for 15 minutes,” said Clayton.

“The reason why running uphill is fabulous, whether you’re a brand new sprinter or whether you’re even an Olympic sprinter, is because running uphill makes you work on your form. You can’t help but run correctly up a hill,” she said.

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